Installing the Notes client and Domino administrative client

To administer the Domino® server, you must install and configure at least one Microsoft™ Windows™ computer as the administration workstation.

About this task

Before you can install the Domino administrator and Notes® clients, you must have installed and set up the Domino server.

Use the HCL® Domino software that is shipped with HCL Sametime® to install and configure the Domino administrator and HCL Notes clients on the administration workstation.


  1. If you are installing from physical media, insert the Notes Client CD into the computer you plan to use as the administrator's workstation.
  2. Start the installation wizard.
  3. Follow the instructions on each panel of the Notes installation wizard, selecting to install both the Domino administrator and Notes clients.
  4. Copy the certifier ID and administrator ID files from the data directory of your Domino server to the Notes data directory of the administrator workstation. You can use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or another method, or you can let the initial communications between the server and administration workstation copy the files for you automatically.
  5. If necessary, start the Domino server.
  6. Open Notes.
  7. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to configure the Notes client. If you have moved the certifier and administrator ID files to the computer that you have designated as your administration workstation, indicate the correct location when asked. If you have not copied the ID files, simply provide the user administrator name that you specified during HTTP setup. You are prompted for the password for this ID. The ID files are copied and stored on your administration workstation for you automatically.