Meetings policy IDs

The Meeting policy IDs map to Sametime® System Console policy administration pages.

ms.1.label=Meeting room group chats
ms.1.b.label=Read only
ms.2.label=Allow screen sharing
ms.2.a.label=No screen sharing allowed
ms.2.b.label=Application only
ms.2.c.label=Entire screen, frame, and applications
ms.3.label=Allow user to control another user's shared screen (IC)
ms.4.label=Allow Sametime IP audio and video
ms.5.label=Allow people to schedule a telephone conference call for a web conference
ms.7.label=Maximum file upload size, in Megabytes
ms.8.label=Maximum total size of library, in Megabytes
ms.9.label=Maximum persistent meeting rooms this user can own
ms.10.label=Require meeting rooms to have a password
ms.11.label=Allow meetings to be recorded (IC)
ms.12.label=Allow meeting room content to be downloaded
ms.13.label=Allow searching for hidden meeting rooms
ms.14.label=Allow searching for meeting rooms
ms.15.label=Allow user to create instant (non-persistent) meeting rooms
ms.16.label=Show "Scheduled Meetings" view (IC)
ms.17.label=Automatically connect to meeting server when logging into Sametime Connect (IC)
ms.18.label=Allow peer-to-peer application sharing (IC)
ms.19.label=Enforce bandwidth limits
ms.20.label=Maximum bandwidth size, in Kilobytes per second
ms.21.label=Allow meeting room polls
ms.22.label=Allow annotations of uploaded content
ms.23.label=Allow this user to add files from a content repository
ms.25.label=Require meeting rooms to have a password
ms.26.label=Allow guest access to meeting rooms
ms.policygroup.classic.label=Sametime Classic Meetings
attribute1001.label=Allow users to create instant meetings and breakout sessions
attribute1002.label=Allow Sametime IP audio and video for instant meetings and breakout sessions
attribute1002.b.label=IP audio only
attribute1002.c.label=IP audio and video
attribute1003.label=Allow participation in meeting room chats
attribute1004.label=Allow screen sharing
attribute1004.b.label=Application only
attribute1004.c.label=Entire screen, frame, and applications
attribute1005.label=Allow user to control another user's shared screen