Changing the default number of maximum users

As demands on video conferencing change, you can update the maximum number of participants to ensure that your network can support this feature.

About this task

The default maximum number of participants in a single audio-only or video conferences is set to 20. You can set this number higher or lower to accommodate specific network consumption requirements.
Note: The maximum number of users can be set externally on the Sametime® Video MCU that bridges video-conferencing connections.


  1. On the server hosting IBM® Sametime Media Manager, open the file. In a multiple-computer deployment where Sametime Media Manager components are installed on different computers, go to the server hosting the Sametime Conference Manager.

    You can adjust the maximum participants setting for each Service Provider Implementation (each adapter); each adapter has its own file.

  2. Edit the values in the following settings:

    For example, the Radvision TCSPI Adapter file contains this setting by default:

    # PerConferenceMaximum is the maximum number of users the service provider supports for each conference call.

    so you will probably want to reduce that value to provide better performance within your network.

  3. Restart the Sametime Media Manager.