Removing columns from the Resource view

In the Resource view, SafeLinx Administrator displays summary information for a class of resources in a table. If a column displays information that you would rather not include in this view, you can remove the column.

About this task

You can remove columns from the table that is displayed in the Resource view.


  1. Double-click a resource icon in the Resources pane, or search for a resource type from the Find dialog box.
  2. Click Change Columns.
  3. Select the columns to be removed from the list of columns in the Selected Columns list. Select multiple resources at one time by pressing Ctrl or Shift while you click the mouse or by pressing Shift in combination with the up or down arrow keys.
  4. Click Remove to remove the selected columns from the list of columns to be displayed.
Note: Alternately, right-click the list box to display the context menu, then select Remove.
Note: When the columns are removed from the Selected columns list, they are added back into the Resource Attributes list.
  1. Click OK to exit the dialog box and apply the new columns to the Resource view.