Moving resources in and out of organizational units

An admin with proper access control can transfer resources to and from organizational units.

Before you begin

Before an administrator moves a resource from one organizational unit (OU) to another, the admin must have an access control level of at least All for that resource in the old OU, and an access control level of at least Create for that resource in the new OU.

About this task

To move a resource in or out of an OU, view the resource properties, and edit its OUs.


To open the OUs tab for a resource, from the Resources pane, right-click the resource and then complete one of the following steps, depending on the type of resource:
  1. Click Open to display the list of resources. Right-click the resource, click Properties..., then click the OUs tab.
  2. Click Properties, and then click the OUs tab.
A resource can have only one primary OU. The primary OU is highlighted when you edit it. To move the resource to a new primary OU, highlight the new primary OU and click OK or Apply. The unique key for locating the resource is then moved to the new primary OU.