Automatically starting applications after connecting

The SafeLinx Client can be configured to start applications automatically after a connection is established. The number of applications which you can autostart is restricted to 16. In addition to specifying the application name, you can also configure any parameters with which you want the application started.

About this task

To view or modify which applications are automatically started:


  1. Right-click the connection in the Connection window, then click PropertiesSelect the connection in the Connections window, then click Connections > Properties on the menu bar
    Note: The connection you select should be in a disconnected state to view or modify properties.
  2. Click the Autostart tab.
  3. To add an application to the list, click AddTo add an application to the list, click +. To modify an application in the list, click ChangeTo modify an application in the list, click Edit. To delete an application, click -.
  4. In the Application field, specify the full path and name of the application or click Browse to search your hard disk drives for the application.
  5. In the Parameters field, type the parameters that you want used when the application starts. For example, if you wanted to specify that a browser starts and automatically connects to a URL other than your home page, specify that URL in this field.
  6. Click OK.


After a successful logon, the applications are started in the order in which they are listed on the Autostart tab.