Changing font size and style

If the default settings are not adequate, you can change the font size and font family. When you change the fonts for the SafeLinx Client, it also affects any application on your system that uses the Qt application framework.

About this task

If you have version 4 or later of the Qt application, make sure that you are not logged in using root administrator ID.

If your version of the Qt application is earlier than version 4, you must edit the <home directory>/.config/Trolltech.conf file if you want to change the font.
Note: To determine which version of the Qt application you have, type qtconfig from a command prompt, then click Help > About Qt from the Qt Configuration window.


  1. Type qtconfig from a command prompt.
  2. Click the Fonts tab. Change the family or point size as wanted.
  3. Click File > Save, then click File > Exit.