Connecting from the command line

If you know the name of the connection you want to start, you can also establish a connection to the SafeLinx Server from the command line.


  • The command syntax is:
    artdial /x /o:organizational_unit /u:userid /p:password Connection_name
    Where organizational_unit, userid, password, and Connection_name are values that you provide.
  • All command parameters are optional. If you do not specify any parameter values on the artdial command, the SafeLinx Client dial function retrieves the default value from the configuration file (artour.ini). The Mobility Client uses those values to initiate a connection without prompting you for logon information. If a value required for the connection is not found in the file, the dial function prompts you to enter the required information. The default for Connection_name is the most recently started connection.
  • If you specify the /x parameter, the dialer exits whenever an error is encountered. This feature is useful when the dialer is being run by another program and there is not always an operator present to clear error messages.
  • For example, by using the command artdial /u:person1 /p:x1y1yz myconnection, a connection is initiated with user ID person1, password x1y1yz, and the parameters specified in a previously defined connection named myconnection. These values override corresponding default values in the configuration file. If a default value exists for organization, the value is retrieved from the configuration file.
  • If default values do not exist in the configuration file for the command parameters, a prompt displays to assign values. These values must be entered before the SafeLinx Client initiates a connection.
  • You can also log off and stop the SafeLinx Client from the command line. The command syntax is:
    artdial /d

    When you specify the /d parameter, the dialer logs off (if logged in) and stop the SafeLinx Client.