Viewing connection status on Windows operating systems

The Status window displays information about your connection to the SafeLinx Server:


  • The information is displayed under these pages:
    Displays information about network status, the connection status to the SafeLinx Server, and the IP addresses of your SafeLinx Client and the SafeLinx Server.
    Gives an indication of the number of bytes and packets transmitted and received, and the total connection time for the current connection. These statistics are for the current connection only and are not cumulative across multiple connections.
    Displays information about your current network connection with the SafeLinx Server. If your modem is able to provide this information, the Power Saver Mode field displays status indicators.
    If short-hold mode is active, the Short-hold page is displayed when you select to view status for your connection. This page provides status information about the SafeLinx Server. This page is where the user can redial the SafeLinx Server, if the initial dial attempt failed.
  • To view network status information for your active connection:
    1. Right-click or tap the antenna icon in the status area of the taskbar on your desktop.
    2. Select Status on the menu.
  • For more information about using the Status window, see the online help. For a description of how to access online help, see Getting online help.