User accounts allow a user to access the SafeLinx Client in order to connect to the SafeLinx Server.

A user is an account that is created so that a person can use the SafeLinx Client to connect to the SafeLinx Server. If you specify that the user ID requires a password, you assign a password policy that defines the password rules. A user ID must be no greater than 128 characters and contain no spaces. It is case insensitive.

When you install the SafeLinx Server, use the SafeLinx Administrator to create and delete user IDs.

When a user is defined, an administrator can assign a password policy, which establishes rules for password creation, password expiration, and the number of incorrect password attempts allowed before an account is locked.

Some administrator responsibilities for a user are:
  • Reset a user password
  • Reset the number of failed login attempts
  • Start user tracing
  • Unlock or lock a user ID
  • Force logoff

To add a user, from the Resources pane, right-click the OU in which you want to add the user, and then click Add Resource > User.