Mobile network connection

A mobile network connection (MNC) is the SafeLinx Server's interface to a network provider.

There are many types of networks, so aspects of the connection interface vary for different network providers. Most of networks have a line driver, a network protocol interpreter, and one or more physical ports.

When the SafeLinx Server is installed, you select the network types to use from the ones that the SafeLinx Server supports. If you have all network types installed, you can see the complete list of available MNCs. Then, from the SafeLinx Administrator, you configure an MNC for each network provider, based on their network type. You need a separate MNC for each network provider.

To add an MNC, right-click the SafeLinx Server to which you to add the MNC, and then click Add > Mobile network connection. Select the MNC type from the list of installed support.

A SafeLinx Server that is configured exclusively as a subordinate node in a cluster does not need MNC support installed, unless it is a messaging MNC. To dispatch traffic for a given network, make sure that the SafeLinx Server that has the MNC support installed and configured is the principal node in the cluster.

When you configure an MNC, you must choose a connection profile and an authentication profile for the MNC. If the connection profile is for an IP-based network, then you must also choose transport profiles to assign to the connection profile.