What's new in SafeLinx 1.1?

HCL SafeLinx 1.1 introduces the following new functionality.

  • The SafeLinx client-less component (HTTP access services) is enhanced to include functiontionality that supports HCL Nomad. This functionality provides an authenticating, secure WebSocket server as a front end to mobile devices, adapts the traffic to Domino NRPC data and relays the data to a Domino server back-end infrastructure on the Domino native NRPC channel (TCP port 1352). For configuration steps, see Configuring proxy support for HCL Nomad
  • In this release, IBM GSKit and key management are no longer provided for creating and managing certificates to establish secure connections over TLS. Instead, you can now use OpenSSL or another certificate key management utility to generate certificates stored in PKCS12 keyring files. For more information, see Managing certificates for SafeLinx.