Resetting a user password

SafeLinx Administrator allows admin to reset a user's password.

To reset a user password, right-click the user's name and click Reset password....

You can locate a user in SafeLinx Administrator, from the Tasks pane or from the Resources pane.

From the Tasks pane, double-click Find a Resource and then specify the user to find. If you start from the Resources pane, right-click the Users icon in the OU in which you want to search, and then click Open.

Now, right-click the user's name in the table, and click Reset password.... After you reset the password, notify the user of the new password.

The reset password that you give to the user does not have to comply with the user's password profile rules. However, after the user logs in, the user must change the password to one that does comply with the password policy that applies to the user.

After an admin resets a user password, the Last password change field on the Status tab of the user's properties indicates that the password was reset by an administrator.

After you change a user's password, the Force password change property for the user is automatically selected, forcing the user to change the password at the next login. If you do not want to require that the user change the password on the next login, then edit the user's properties and clear the Force password change check box.