Configuring the Domino LDAP service for Nomad

Configure the Domino LDAP service to allow searches of required attributes.

About this task

SafeLinx uses the Domino LDAP service to query the Domino directory for attributes about users and user mail servers. Ensure that the LDAP service has access to search the following required attributes:
  • dominoPerson objectclass attributes: maildomain, mailserver
  • dominoServer object class attribute: Smtpfullhostdomain

By default, the LDAP service binds anonymously to search the directory. To allow anonymous access to the attributes, see the procedure Configuring anonymous LDAP search access to a Domino directory in the Domino documentation. Restart the Domino LDAP task (restart task ldap command) when you're done.

If the LDAP service does not bind anonymously, give the administrative ID that is used to bind access to the attributes.