Adding an HTTP access service for Nomad

Add an HTTP access service for HCL Nomad.


  1. From the SafeLinx Administrator, right click the SafeLinx server resource, select Add > HTTP Access Service > .
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Service URL The external URL clients use to reach the SafeLinx server.
    • Application Server URL The name and URL of any Domino server that cannot be resolved through the Domino directory services of the server used for authentication. Use the following format:
      NOMAD CN=myserver/O=mydomain  nrpc://myserver.myco.mydomain:1352
      Where myserver.myco.mydomain is the fully qualified host name (or IP address) of the Domino server.
      Note: Without the Application Server URL, SafeLinx attempts to convert the canonical server name found in the Domino directory, for example, CN=myserver/O=mydomain, to a host name, for example myserver.myco.mydomain. Typically, this is successful and specifying the Application Server URL is not necessary.
    • Authentication Profile The LDAP Bind authentication profile created previously.
    • Session Cookie domain Domain to include with the session ID cookie.

    More options are available on the properties tabs. You may want to increase the session idle timer so users only have to re-enter credentials every X number of hours.