Enabling and disabling the Citrix monitoring panel

With the optional Citrix monitoring panel, you can monitor detailed information during the run of a schedule and debug your tests. To use the Citrix monitoring panel, you must enable it in the schedule.

Before you begin

The Citrix monitoring panel is available only during the run of a schedule. Enabling the option requires that you create a location for it in the project.

The Citrix monitoring panel uses resources; therefore use the monitoring panel only for debugging and test development. For actual performance testing, disable the panel.


To enable the Citrix monitoring panel in a schedule:
  1. Open a schedule that contains a user group with at least one Citrix test.
  2. Select the user group, and on the Schedule Element Details pane, click the Options tab, and then click Edit Options.
    The Protocol-specific Options window opens.
  3. If several types of tests are available in the user group, click the Citrix Options tab.
  4. Select Enable monitoring panel.
  5. Optional: Select Enable log file generation if you want to keep a log file of the debug session.
    After the run, you can locate the log file in the file system, in the deployment_root directory of the workspace directory.
  6. Click OK, and save the schedule.


During the next run of the schedule, the Citrix session window displays the monitoring panel, with which you can debug and control the progress of each virtual tester.