Setting Citrix breakpoints

When the Citrix monitoring panel is enabled, you can define breakpoints in the test to pause the running of a user-input action. This capability is useful when you are debugging a Citrix test.

Before you begin

For the breakpoints to have any effect, the test must be running in a schedule with the Citrix monitoring panel enabled. See Enabling and disabling the Citrix monitoring panel for more information.

Breakpoints can be defined on these user-input test elements: mouse actions, key actions, text inputs, and logoff elements. When a breakpoint is encountered, the test pauses before the user input element is run.


  1. Open a Citrix test in the test editor and select a user input element.
  2. In the Test Element Details area, select Stop test execution on this element when the monitoring panel is enabled.
    Alternatively, you can right-click the user input element, and select Toggle Breakpoint.
  3. Add the test to a schedule and run the schedule with the monitoring dashboard enabled.
    During the run, the virtual user pauses at the breakpoint.
  4. When the test is paused, click Interact to perform manual actions inside the Citrix session or Step to run the test step by step.
  5. When you have finished, click Play to resume the test run.
    If there are multiple breakpoints in the test, the run resumes until the next breakpoint is encountered.