Running a long run mode SAP GUI test

When running a SAP GUI test that could last for many hours and could use up the operating system resources, you can choose to run the test with the Long Run Mode process. It is an external process that restarts automatically after the specified number of SAP sessions are over. So, tests of longer duration tests are more likely to finish.

About this task

The following guidelines improve the success of long duration tests:
  • Use agent computers with at least 2GB of RAM and 10GB of free disk space, running the same version of the HCL OneTest Performance or HCL OneTest Performance Agent.
  • Disable antivirus software, screen savers, and automatic updaters on the agent computers during the test.
  • Keep individual tests short by having loops of not more than 10 iterations within each test. Get the desired long run duration by looping within the schedule. Do not exceed 20 or 30 virtual testers for each agent computer with a think time of more than several seconds.
  • Use tests with a minimal number of verification points.
  • Do not use the Signature theme. Disable all animations in the SAP GUI.
  • Do not use the mouse during the test. Any mouse click could be interpreted by a hidden SAP GUI window, which could cause the test to fail.
  • Ensure that the Screen Throughput counter remains low (approximately 1 every second for each agent).
  • Before playing back a test, in SAP Connection Details editor, click Test Connection to test the connection to the SAP GUI server.


  1. In the schedule, select a User Group that includes a SAP GUI test.
  2. In the User Group Details, click the Options tab and click Edit Options.
  3. In Long Run Mode process renewal level, select one of the following options:
    • Schedule: Starts the Long Run Mode process at the schedule level. All of the SAP sessions are managed by one process.
    • User Group: Starts the Long Run Mode process at the beginning of each user group.
    • Virtual User: Starts the Long Run Mode process for each virtual user.
    • Long Run Mode off: Does not use the Long Run Mode process. In this mode, the SAP GUI is directly called by HCL OneTest Performance, thereby increasing the resource consumption of the operating system.
  4. In Number of SAP session starts per process, specify the number of SAP sessions to run. The Long Run Mode process runs one session at a time. For example, if you specified 100 sessions for Virtual User, the Long Run Mode process takes one session at a time, and when the 100 sessions are run, a new process starts.
  5. Click OK and save the schedule.