Debugging HTTP Data Correlation Errors

Data correlation errors are very common and sometimes complex to fix. A dedicated Eclipse-based perspective can guide you to debug data correlation errors.

About this task

Using the perspective, you can fix the following data correlation issues:
  • Missing reference for substitutions for the substitution sites. The product tries to locate values greater than seven characters in length and is alphanumeric.
  • Missing substitution site in HTTP headers for values greater than seven character in length and is alphanumeric. The value to be substituted will be highlighted.
  • Invalid regular expression.

The content in the different views of the perspective is connected to each other. So, when you select a request in the Test view, the log event corresponding to that request is displayed in the Test Log view. The Compare tab in the Protocol Data view displays the comparison between the selected request in the Test and the Log views. The Event Log selects the proper page event. The behavior is same if you select an event in the Test Log. The Test, the Event Log, and the Compare tab will update themselves to match that event. All tabs work in conjunction with each other.


  1. In the Test Navigator view, right-click a result that contains data correlation errors and click Debug HTTP Data Correlation Errors.
    The HTTP Test Debug perspective displays the first error.
  2. Use the Compare tab in the Protocol Data view to compare the requests or responses of the Test and Test Log.
  3. Use the Problems tab to view the recommended fix. Click Fix to fix the error. You can navigate between the errors by clicking Previous and Next.