Creating the project results database by using IBM® Db2®

You can create project results databases that are based on IBM® Db2®.

Before you begin

For information about the supported versions of the database, see the Supported Software > Database section in System Requirements


  1. Install and configure Db2®.
  2. Run the create database command to create a new database.
    For example, create a database that is named ritres by using the UTF-8 code set:
    C:\Users\Administrator>db2 create database ritres using codeset UTF-8 territory en
    DB20000I  The CREATE DATABASE command completed successfully.
  3. Connect to Db2®.
    For example:
    C:\Users\Administrator>db2 connect to ritres user db2admin using xxxxx
    Database Connection Information
    Database server        = DB2/NT64 9.7.6
    SQL authorization ID   = DB2ADMIN
    Local database alias   = RITRES
  4. Using a command of the following format, run the ghtester_db2.sql script against the new database:
    install_directory>\scripts>db2 -vtf ghtester_db2.sql > rit\output.log
    For example:
    C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLProducts\API\scripts>db2 -vtf ghtester_db2.sql > rit\output.log
    Important: This script works only with Db2® versions later than 9.5.0. For versions 9.5.0 and earlier, run ghtester_db2_9.5.sql.
  5. Open the output.log file in a text editor and verify that there are no errors.