Upgrading the project results database schema

The following provides information about upgrading the schema version of an HCL OneTest API project results database, and illustrates the process with an example.

Note: Ensure that you have full backups of your project results database before you make changes.
Note: Scripts are not provided to downgrade databases, so a tested backup is essential.


Scripts are provided and are required to upgrade the project results database schema, and they can be found in the HCL OneTest API Installation Directory\scripts.

The following example assumes that you are using Oracle for the project results database and that the current schema version is 22.

Run the following scripts in this order:

  • patch-1_9_22-1_9_23_oracle.sql
  • patch-1_9_23-1_9_24_oracle.sql
  • patch-1_9_24-1_9_24_a_oracle.sql
  • patch-1_9_24_a-1_9_24_c_oracle.sql
  • patch-1_9_24_c-1_9_24_d_oracle.sql
  • patch-1_9_24_d-1_9_24_e_oracle.sql
  • patch-1_9_24_e-1_9_24_f_oracle.sql

Compatibility with HCL OneTest API client versions

From GH Tester 5.2.11 onwards, unless otherwise stated in release notes, the previous release of HCL OneTest API will run on the next releases database schema.

You can upgrade your database schema without having to upgrade all clients simultaneously. After the database schema upgrade is complete, clients can be upgraded to the new release as required.

Note: For versions of GH Tester earlier than 5.2.11, HCL OneTest API client software and the database schema must be kept in step.

For example, if your GH Tester 5.2.11 uses database schema 1.9.24c, and you must upgrade to HCL OneTest API 8.0.0, the first step is to update the database schema to 1.9.24d. The schema update is required by 8.0.0.

Existing GH Tester 5.2.11 clients continue to operate normally against the updated database version. After the schema update is complete, individual client computers can be upgraded to 8.0.0.