Creating logical Apache Camel component connections

In HCL OneTest API, tests and stubs reference the logical resources in a project. Therefore, you must create at least one logical Camel component connection for each Camel component.

Before you begin

You must have at least one environment in your project. See Creating an environment.


  1. Open the Logical View of the Architecture School perspective.
  2. On the toolbar of the Logical View, click General > Camel Connection.

    The New Camel based Connection dialog is displayed.

  3. Enter a name for the connection in the Name field.

    For example, enter Camel-FTP as the name for the logical connection for the Camel-FTP component.

  4. Click OK.

    The New Camel based Connection dialog is closed and the logical Camel connection that you named is displayed in the canvas of the Logical View.


The logical Camel connection is added to the project and displayed in the Logical View, with the name you entered.

For example, you created the logical connection and named it Camel-FTP. Image of the logical connection created.

What to do next

When a logical connection is created, a new physical resource is also created and bound to the logical connection. To view or edit this physical resource, you can perform one of the following actions: You can view the Camel based Connection dialog by double-clicking the new logical Camel connection, and then configure the following settings in the tabs: