Prerequisites for testing the technology endpoints supported by Camel

You can find information about the prerequisite conditions that you must satisfy before you can test the technology endpoints supported by Camel in HCL OneTest API.

HCL OneTest API supports testing the technologies that are supported by Camel 3.14.x. For the list of supported Camel components, refer to the Camel Components Documentation.

For testing the technology endpoints supported by Camel, you must download the required JAR files, Camel core libraries, and supporting third-party libraries of the Camel component to your local folder. You must add the JAR files to HCL OneTest API by using Library Manager. See Adding Camel component JAR files through Library Manager.
Restriction: If you previously downloaded the 2.x JAR files of the Camel components, you cannot use these files to test Camel components in 10.2.3.

For example, you can consider that the Camel-FTP component is the Camel component and the FTP services that use the Camel transport as being tested and the examples are presented throughout the testing tasks. However, the tasks can be followed for testing the technologies supported by any Camel component.

The Camel-FTP component facilitates interacting with FTP services. For example, sending a file to a remote FTP server.

Depending on the technology services that use the Camel transport in HCL OneTest API, you might need to complete any or all of the following operations:
  • Download and install the application enabled by the Camel component.

    For example, if you are want to test the FTP services, you must download and install the FTP server application.

  • Configure the service with the appropriate details of the servers where you have installed the application.

    For example, for FTP service, you must configure the server to which the Camel transport can connect.

  • Configure the application servers to use SSL and set up the required identity stores and key stores for secure communications between the application server and HCL OneTest API.

You can read about the tasks that you can perform in HCL OneTest API for testing with the Camel component. See Task flow for testing with Apache Camel components.