HCL® Quality Server overview

HCL OneTest Virtualization stubs designed in HCL OneTest API are published to HCL® Quality Server, which holds them in a repository.

HCL® Quality Server can schedule the execution of test suites on a single or recurring schedule basis.

Consider the following points:
  • Stubs are run by an Agent. Make sure that you set up the Library Manager of HCL OneTest API Agent to point to the relevant libraries required to run your stubs. For example, for an IBM® WebSphere® MQ stub, Library Manager can reference the WebSphere® MQ client JAR files.
  • Published stubs are stored on the computer where HCL® Quality Server is installed, so long-term disk space requirements depend on the size and number of published stubs.
  • HCL® Quality Server contains information about all deployed stubs and whether they are running. This is viewable by all team members, so each team member can deduce enough information about each stub running in HCL® Quality Server. Add descriptive labels and ensure that version numbering of stubs is implemented correctly.
You can find the following information about getting started with HCL® Quality Server: