HCL OneTest API overview

You can use HCL OneTest API to create, modify, and run service tests.

These are the components of HCL OneTest API:

  • HCL OneTest API
  • HCL® Quality Server


With HCL OneTest API, you get a scripting-free environment for developing tests for service-oriented architecture (SOA) messaging and business process integration projects. You can build tests by recording existing system behaviors or from requirements, by entering the data to send and the data that is expected in return. You can also create virtual services to remove test dependencies and enable earlier testing. Virtual services can be deployed by Service Virtualization to provide on-demand virtualized test environments that can support all phases of the test development lifecycle.

HCL® Quality Server

The HCL® Quality Server is a server-based web application that provides a central repository for virtualized services. The server allows you to use virtual services published with HCL OneTest API to create, share, and deploy virtualized test environments in HCL OneTest Virtualization.

It also contains technology-specific components used by HCL OneTest API for recording SOA message conversations, HTTP(S) and JDBC traffic, and for monitoring middleware systems under test with minimal reconfiguration of client applications

You can find the following information that help you get started with HCL OneTest API: