Exclude database server components

If you choose a custom setup, you can minimize the size of the database server on disk by excluding some components. Reducing the size of the installation can be useful if you plan to embed the database server in other systems or applications.

The HCL OneDB™ database server consists of discrete, separately installable components. You can select to install only the database server components that your application and deployment require. For example, you might not need replication capabilities. Some components are mutually dependent, and must coexist in the instance. The installation application enforces these dependencies by automatically including dependent components or informing you when a combination of selections is not supported.

You can easily modify your installation by adding or removing separately installable components after the database server is installed without installing the base database server again. Adding or removing components after you installed the database server does not affect the integrity of your system. However, all HCL OneDB components must run on the same version as the core database server.