Installation directory

You can use the default installation directory for the database server when you run the installation application, or you can create a directory before you install and then select that directory during installation.

The installation directory is known as the ONEDB_HOME directory because the environment variable ONEDB_HOME is set to the installation directory.

The directory where you install HCL OneDB™ products must fulfill these requirements:
  • The directory must be empty, except in the following situations:
    • You are upgrading to a fix pack of the same version.
    • You accept the risks of upgrading to a new version by replacing the existing version.
  • The full path to the installation directory must not exceed 200 characters, including path separators, and must not contain spaces. UNIX™, Linux: The directory for a non-root installation must not exceed 60 characters.
  • The installation path, including all path elements, must be secure before the database server can start.
Important: The database server will not start unless the installation directory is secure.

UNIX, Linux™: If the installation application finds a security issue with the installation directory, you must choose one of the following methods to secure the directory:

Let the installation program secure the path (recommended)
The installation continues and generated script fixes nonsecure directories along the installation path.
Continue installation; manually run script to secure the path later
After installation is complete, you must run the onsecurity utility to generate a security script, and then run the security script. The onsecurity utility is in the /SERVER/ directory on the installation media. After installation, you can find the utility in the $ONEDB_HOME/bin directory.
View other options to make the installation directory secure
You must select how to reset the permissions for the owner, group, and installation directory. You must understand what constitutes a secure installation path in your environment, including the requirements of user informix and group informix.