HCL OneDB components

When you install the HCL OneDB™ database servers, you can also install related products, such as client APIs.

The following diagram provides an overview of the base architecture of the HCL OneDB database server and related products.

Figure 1: Architecture of HCL OneDB database server and related products

Diagram shows HCL OneDB as core of the database system, with the following options: BladeManager, two DataBlade products, SPL, and two UDRs. Client, development, and administration tools, and DataBlade modules, are outside of HCL OneDB core.

Depending on your edition of HCL OneDB and your operating system, the product package includes installation programs for some or all of the following associated products:

HCL OneDB Client Software Development Kit
Contains client APIs for developing and running client applications.
Java™ interfaces and classes to connect to HCL OneDB databases.