Installation options

The primary way to install the HCL OneDB™ database server is with an interactive installation that prompts you to configure installation properties. After your run an interactive installation, you can run non-interactive installations that are based on the original installation.

Interactive database server installation setup options

An interactive database server installation has the following setup options:

Typical installation
Recommended. You install the database server with all associated components, HCL OneDB Client Software Development Kit, and the HCL OneDB JDBC Driver.
Custom installation
You can minimize the size of the database server on disk by excluding unneeded features and products.

You can choose which client products to install. To determine whether you need to install client products, see HCL OneDB Client Products Installation Guide.

You can set up auditing through role separation.

You can prepare for a silent installation by creating a response file.

UNIX, Linux: Legacy installation
You have the same options as a custom installation, plus the product files are extracted to create a script-based non-interactive installation.
Linux: RPM installation
You have the same options as a custom installation, plus an RPM image is generated to create an RPM non-interactive installation.

For all setup options, you have the following choices:

  • Whether to create a configured database server during installation. The database server that is created during installation differs slightly for a typical or custom installation. If you do not create a database server during installation, you must manually configure and start the database server after installation.
  • The location of the installation directory.
  • The identity of the installation owner.

Non-interactive installation methods

Non-interactive installation methods, such as a silent installation or a script-based installation, are based on the results of interactive installation or on an existing database server installation.