Use the FILLFACTOR option to specify the degree of index-page fullness when you want to create compacted indexes or provide information for the expansion of an index at a later date.

The FILLFACTOR option takes effect only in the following cases:
  • when you build an index on a table that contains more than 5,000 rows and that uses more than 100 table pages
  • when you create an index on a fragmented table
  • when you create a fragmented index on a nonfragmented table.

You cannot use the FILLFACTOR option on a forest of trees index.


1  FILLFACTOR percent
Element Description Restrictions Syntax
percent Percentage of each index page that is filled by index data when the index is created. The default is 90. 1 < percent <100 Literal Number

When the index is created, the database server initially fills only that percentage of the nodes specified with the FILLFACTOR value.

The FILLFACTOR can also be set as a parameter in the ONCONFIG file. The FILLFACTOR clause on the CREATE INDEX statement overrides the setting in the ONCONFIG file. For more information about the ONCONFIG file and the parameters you can use, see your HCL OneDB™ Administrator's Guide.