Use the RENAME COLUMN statement to change the name of a column. The RENAME COLUMN statement is an extension to the ANSI/ISO standard for SQL.


1  RENAME COLUMN? owner.  table . old_column  TO new_column
Element Description Restrictions Syntax
new_column Name that you declare here to replace old_column Must be unique among column names in table. See also How Triggers Are Affected. Identifier
old_column Column to rename Must exist within table Identifier
owner Owner of the table Must be the owner of table Owner name
table Table that contains old_column Must be registered in the current database Identifier


You can rename a column of a table if any of the following conditions are true:
  • You own the table or have Alter privilege on the table.
  • You have the DBA privilege on the database.

The column can be in a table object that the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE statement defined.


The following example assigns the new name of c_num to the customer_num column in the customer table:
RENAME COLUMN customer.customer_num TO c_num;