Use the GRANT FRAGMENT statement to assign privileges on table fragments in the local database if the table is fragmented by expression.


Element Description Restrictions Syntax
fragment Name of a fragment Must exist; cannot be delimited by quotation marks Identifier
grantor User who can revoke the privileges Same as for user Owner name
owner User who owns table Must be owner of table Owner name
role Role to receive privileges Must exist in sysusers Owner name
table Fragmented table on which fragment privileges are granted Must exist and must be fragmented by expression Identifier
user User to whom privileges are to be granted Must be a valid authorization identifier Owner name


This statement is an extension to the ANSI/ISO standard for SQL.

Use the GRANT FRAGMENT statement to grant to users (or roles) any of the Insert, Update, and Delete access privileges on individual fragments of a table. The GRANT FRAGMENT statement is valid only for tables that are fragmented according to an expression-based distribution scheme. For an explanation of this type of fragmentation strategy, see Expression Distribution Scheme.