Use the SET DESCRIPTOR statement to set values in a system-descriptor area (SDA).

Use this statement with .


Element Description Restrictions Syntax
descriptor String that identifies the SDA to which values are assigned System-descriptor area (SDA) must be previously allocated Quoted String
descriptor_var Host variable that stores descriptor Same restrictions as descriptor Language specific
item_num Unsigned integer that specifies ordinal position of an item descriptor in the SDA 0 < item_num < (number of item descriptors specified when SDA was allocated) Literal Number
item_num_var Host variable that stores item_num Same restrictions as item_num Language specific
total_items Unsigned integer that specifies how many items the SDA describes Same restrictions as item_num Literal Number
total_items_var Host variable that stores total_items Same restrictions as total_items Language specific


The SET DESCRIPTOR statement can be used after you have described SELECT, EXECUTE FUNCTION, EXECUTE PROCEDURE, ALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR, or INSERT statements with the DESCRIBE ... USING SQL DESCRIPTOR statement.

SET DESCRIPTOR can assign values to a system-descriptor area in these cases:
  • To set the COUNT field of a system-descriptor area to match the number of items for which you are providing descriptions in the system-descriptor area
  • To set the item descriptor for each value for which you are providing descriptions in the system-descriptor area
  • To modify the contents of an item-descriptor field

If an error occurs during the assignment to any identified system-descriptor fields, the contents of all identified fields are set to 0 or NULL, depending on the data type of the variable.