Starting the HCL OneDB Wire Listener for MongoDB

About this task

Starting the OneDB Wire Listener for MongoDB

The HCL OneDB™ Mongo interface is part of the HCL OneDB wire listener. The HCL OneDB wire listener comes with the HCL OneDB APIs package.

Table 1. Prerequisites for starting the OneDB Wire Listener:
Java 1.8
A OneDB server that is up and running

To start the OneDB Wire Listener for MongoDB:


  1. Create a listener properties file

    Sample properties file:


    The wire listener configuration file property is the JDBC url to connect to your OneDB database server. The listener.hostName property determines the network adapter or interface that the wire listener binds the server socket to (a value of * directs the wire listener to bind to all interfaces or addresses). The listener.port property specifies the port number to listen on for incoming connections from clients.

    The mongo.api.version sets your MongoDB API compatibility level. The default MongoDB compatibility level is version 3.6, but any of the following versions are supported: 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 4.0, and 4.2.

    Thesecurity.sql.passthrough is optional, but by setting it to true, you enable support for issuing SQL statements directly through the wire listener.

    There are also authentication options that can be specified in the properties file, which you will want to configure once you get beyond the testing stage. See User authentication with the wire listener for more details on authentication options.

  2. Start the listener using java.
    java -jar onedb-wire-listener.jar -config -logfile wire_listener_mongo.log -start