OneDB Client Software Development Kit (CSDK)

OneDB Client Software Development Kit (CSDK), is set of connectivity APIs for OneDB database server. All applications written using, C, C++, C#, Visual Studio, MS Access, MS Excel, .NET, MSDTC, etc., requires one or more of these APIs to communicate with OneDB Server. This Getting Started guide will demonstrate how to make use of OneDB CSDK in such application scenarios. This session will cover installation, configuration and sample programs using various CSDK APIs (i.e. .NET Core Provider, ODBC and ESQL/C). ODBC and ESQL/C is shipped on all platforms, .NET Core is available on Windows and Linux platforms.

Sections in this document:

  • Installing OneDB Client SDK (CSDK).
  • Checking your CSDK version.
  • Testing your OneDB Server connection.
  • Creating an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN).
  • Writing a C program using ESQL/C.
  • Writing a C# program using .NET Core Provider.

This document assumes that you are running on Windows. You may need to adjust (e.g. change PATH formats) for other platforms.

Following are expected to be pre-installed to run the sample programs.

  • OneDB Server must be installed and online.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is used in this document.
  • .NET Core SDK/Runtime 3.1.302 is used in this document.