HCL OneDB Explore

HCL OneDB™ Explore is a modern web console for visualizing, monitoring, and managing your HCL OneDB server instances. It is purpose built for ease-of-use, scaling out, and optimizing DevOps needs. It provides critical performance management capabilities, monitoring how key performance metrics are changing over time and tracking how efficiently HCL OneDB is running your workload even when you’ve stepped away from your screen. Its monitoring system feeds directly into a customizable alerting system so you can be immediately alerted via email, Twilio, or PagerDuty whenever an issue occurs on one of your HCL OneDB database server instances. HCL OneDB Explore is designed to be scalable to efficiently manage and monitor as many HCL OneDB database server instances as you need. Moreover, it's a tool that can be shared by the DBAs, the app developers, the ops engineers, and management and accessed from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. HCL OneDB Explore is the centralized hub for graphical monitoring, alerting, and administration of your HCL OneDB database servers.

HCL OneDB Explore Server

The OneDB Explore server is a Java 8 based Jetty web server. The server is the heart of HCL OneDB Explore. It manages the monitoring profiles for all instances, communicates with agents, handles all alerting activities, hosts the web UI, and provides the REST services that the web UI depends on.

HCL OneDB Explore Agent

The HCL OneDB Explore agent is a lightweight Java 8 based monitoring agent. It should be installed on the host machine for each HCL OneDB database server that you want monitored by HCL OneDB Explore. The agent runs alongside the database server, gathering database statistics through JDBC connections to sysmaster. The HCL OneDB Explore agent only needs read access to the database server. By running the agent directly on the HCL OneDB server host machine, the agent is also able to gather and monitor OS statistics which can be just as critical in evaluating and tuning the HCL OneDB database server performance metrics.