Getting started with HCL OneDB Explore

About this task

This topic provides a brief tutorial to help you get started with HCL OneDB™ Explore.


The following table lists the software prerequisites for HCL OneDB Explore:

Table 1. Prerequisites for HCL OneDB Explore
Software Required Version
HCL OneDB Database Server 1.0
Java 1.8

Starting the HCL OneDB Explore Server

This section walks you through the easiest way to start the HCL OneDB Explore server.

For more advanced topics, like configuring logging or starting HCL OneDB Explore Server from the command line, see Starting the OneDB Explore Server .


  1. Create a HCL OneDB Explore Server properties file.
    # required initial password for the admin user
    # optionally, uncomment these properties to have OneDB Explore encrypt its     
        internal H2 database
    For more information see, HCL OneDB Explore Server Configuration.
  2. Locate the start/stop script in the $ONEDB_HOME/explore directory and run the following command to start the server.
    OneDBExplore startServer=serverName where serverName is the name of your process for HCL OneDB Explore Server.
  3. In a web browser, go to http://localhost:8080 and login with your admin credentials.
  4. From the main dashboard, click create server and/or create groups to add connection information to your OneDB servers.