Troubleshooting and Getting Help

Occasionally, a series of event causes the database server to return unexpected error codes or behaviour.

HCL OneDB provides tools to gather useful information for the support team to troubleshoot and provide a solution. Some useful utilities are:

ifxcollect: This utility gathers pertinent onstats information for support engineer to diagnose specific problems such as: performance, connection failures, Enterprise Replication issues, Assert Failures, etc. It also provides option for uploading the gathered information to a support FTP site.

Output files that ifxcollect commands generate are in the $OneDB Installationdir/isa/data directory.

The type of data that is collected per category and subcategory is in predefined XML files in the $OneDB Installationdir/isa/ directory. These XML files can be modified to add or remove specific commands.

onmode -I : Use this onmode option to instruct the database server to perform the diagnostics collection procedures and generate an Assert Failure for support engineers analysis. To use onmode -I when you encounter an error number, supply the iserrno and an optional session ID.

Output files that onmode -I generates are in the location indicated by the DUMPDIR onconfig parameter, depending on the DUMPSHMEM onconfig setting you might also get a shared memory dump. Please consult with a support engineer on this command use and mentioned settings.

onmode -Y or SET EXPLAIN ON : You can use this onmode utility to dynamically set the explain output or SET EXPLAIN output to study the query plans of an application. The output of the SET EXPLAIN statement shows decisions that the query optimizer makes. It shows whether parallel scans are used, index scan(s), sequential scan(s), the maximum number of threads required to answer the query, and the type of join used for the query.

Other troubleshooting options are available, you might get instructed by a support engineer to activate any of these options in order to get additional information on the unexpected behaviour. On any case please provide us with a detailed information on the unexpected behaviour you are experiencing and get help from our support team.

For opening a support ticket visit the HCL support portal (