ConnectTest Demo – Client-Server connectivity testing

About this task

This topic provides steps for Client-Server connectivity testing.


  1. Go to “Start Program/Windows Symbol” at the bottom left corner of your computer, from “HCL OneDB Client SDK 1.0” drop-down select “ConnectTest Demo”. Using Setnet we have already configured OneDB Server details.
  2. Your sever name should be listed under “Server” drop down (in the below image its onedb_6), select the same and fill the “User name” and Password” fields.
  3. Select the “Database” from the drop-down list, at this time, internally ConnectTest Demo program will connect to OneDB Server and get all the database names to be displayed.
  4. Choose one of your databases or if you have not created one already, choose the “sysmaster” from the list.
    SELECT * FROM systables
    If you choose your own database, accordingly you need to use the table name in the SELECT query. Once you enter all the details, click on “Execute”, you should see the result of your SELECT query in the Query Result window.
  5. Create ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) and test the connection.
  6. Run the “ODBC Data Source (64-bit)” utility which is typically located at %windir%\system32\odbcad32.exe location. Click on “New”, select “HCL OneDB ODBC DRIVER” and click on “Finish”.
  7. Provide “Data Source Name” and “Description” information and click on next tab i.e. “Connection”.
  8. Select “Server Name” from the drop-down list (in the below image onedb_6), provide “User Id” and “Password” details and click on drop-down list of “Database Name”, all your database should be listed here, which the one which is of your importance. Click on “Apply and Test Connection”. It should display the success message as mentioned below.
  9. Click OK.
  10. You can click on “OK” and close the window or feel free to visit other tabs as mentioned below for your reference. These are default values.