Connection Manager

Connection manager is one of the distinguished technologies in HCL OneDB™. With connection manager, customers can configure applications to connect to a service level agreement (SLA) defined by the business logic rather than to a specific host and port number of a transactional database. For example, OLTP applications can be configured to connect to primary server, and reporting application can be configured to connect to secondary server. Application connectivity can be configured based on geography as well. This logical separation of application connectivity from database cluster allows transactional database to failover transparently, and support zero-downtime maintenance operations like rolling application and server upgrades.

Avoiding split brain situation during automated failovers

In physical replication scenario where there is a designated write server for transactional data, split brain situation is one of major nightmare for DBAs in case of network partitioning. Connection manager helps avoid this problem by monitoring activity at both primary and secondary servers, and failover primary server role only when majority servers agree that primary server isn’t reachable. Automated failover configuration with connection manager helps with reduced recovery time objective (RTO less than 1 minute), and avoid split brain situation.