Your ID has not been certified to access the server

What happened

The server you tried to access doesn't have a certificate in common with your User ID, so you were denied access to that server. Your User ID and the server's ID need to be certified by a certifier you both trust.

Note: You may see this message even if you're only editing a mail message locally while waiting to get your new certificate(s) back. If you choose View > Refresh while your cursor is in the To: field, or you click Address, Notes® tries to interpret the mail address you have entered.

What you can do

Ask the Notes certifier if your User ID can be recertified so that you can access the server. Then choose File > Security > User Security, click Your Identity > Your Certificates, and then the Get Certificates button. Once the certifier (who may or may not be your IBM® ® Domino® administrator) has returned your User ID with the new certificate attached, you'll be able to use the server.