How can I use a phone line to access Internet mail?

If your physical connection is a telephone line with a dialup (digital/analog) modem, you can use remote access software in your operation system and a Network Dialup connection to use Internet mail with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or with a network server (an Internet mail server) in your organization.

About this task


  1. Gather the following:
    • Your email address assigned by your ISP (for example,, or your Internet-style name in your organization (for example,
    • Your login name and password assigned by your ISP or organization
    • Your incoming server address (for example, or
    • Your outgoing server address if you use SMTP instead of a Domino® server for outgoing mail (for example,
    • The phone number of your Internet service provider (ISP) or organization's network server, and any prefix. You will not configure the phone number in Notes®, but rather in the remote access software you use in your operating system.
    • The Internet domain name of your ISP (for example, or of your organization's network server
  2. Optional: Switch to the location where you want to use this connection method, for example, Home. In the Location document, make sure you click Network Dialup in the Location Type field.
  3. Click Tools > Client Reconfiguration Wizard.
  4. Select Internet mail servers (POP or IMAP, SMTP), and in the drop-down list, click Network Dialup.
  5. Click Next and answer the questions.


Note: After you complete this type of configuration, the current Location document contains your email address. Notes® also:
  • Creates Account documents for your incoming and outgoing mail servers, with the necessary login and password information.
  • Creates Network Dialup server Connection documents to your mail servers for each of your incoming and outgoing mail accounts.