Printing contacts

You can print out your contacts as labels, print a contact entry to see all of the information about a contact or a group, or print the contact information as it appears in a view.

Printing a list of contacts

You can print a list of your contacts from any view, such as My Contacts or By Company.

About this task

To organize your contact entries so that they print the way you want them, use a Contacts view. For example, to print a list of your contacts organized by company, choose the By Company view before you print.

When you print a view, only the contact name, phone number, and email address print.

To include address information, view your contacts as business cards (click Show > Business Cards).


  • Open the view you would like to print, and then click File > Print.
  • Optional: Click Preview to view your print setup selections.

Printing contacts as labels

You can print contacts as address or shipping labels in various sizes. Label printing is available only from your local Contacts file.


  1. From Contacts, select the one or more contact names.
  2. From the menu, click File > Print.
  3. Select a printer if one is not selected.
  4. Under Print Style specify the following:
    • Print Style - address or shipping label style (Each label style indicates approximately how many labels print on a page.)
    • Other Options - the size of the label
  5. Under What To Print, select Selected documents.
  6. Click the Documents Style tab.
  7. Under How to print each document, select Print multiple documents on each page.
  8. Under Format Each Document Using, select An alternate form, and then make the same selection you made for Print Style in step 4.
    Note: The label type indicates approximately how many labels you can expect to print on a continuous page, and the paper size shows the size of the labels.
  9. Optional: Under Begin Printing each document, select Continuously.
  10. Optional: Click the Page Setup tab and specify any additional page formatting that is necessary.
  11. Optional: Click Preview to view your print setup selections.
  12. Click OK.


Macintosh users: For information on operating system differences when printing multiple documents, see Printing documents.