Importing contacts from other sources

If you have contacts from other sources, you can import those contacts into your HCL Notes® contacts.

About this task

Note: If you want to convert Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® Mail, or Outlook Express mail messages or contact entries to HCL Notes®, ask your Domino® administrator for assistance. You may already have the migration tools for these products installed, and your administrator can help you use them.


  1. Using instructions from the other source, export contacts from that source to a file on your computer. For best results, use vCard (.vcf) as the file type.
  2. Open Contacts.
  3. Click File > Import Contacts.
  4. Select one or more files to import, and then click Open.
  5. If information is not in the correct fields, click Map fields. Drag a field from the left column and drop it on the matching field in the right column. Click Apply.
  6. Click Import.


Tip: Notes Basic client users, you can drag a vCard file to your Contacts to create a new contact from it. Additionally, if you receive a vCard file as an attachment in a message, select the attachment and click View to see the list of contacts in the vCard. Then follow the steps above to save them in your Contacts.