Customizing view column displays

You can customize how entry information displays in your views.


  1. Open the view whose display you want to modify.
  2. From the menu, click View > Customize This View.
  3. Check the names of columns you want to display in the view.
  4. Highlight a column and do any of the following to customize it:
    • Click Move Up or Move Down to move the column to the left or right respectively.

      Tip You can also move a column by dragging it to the desired position.

    • Change the sort order for a selected column:

      Ascending - the most recent documents appear at the bottom of the column.

      Descending - the most recent documents appear at the top of the column.

      None - to not allow column sorting

    • Change the column width.
    • In Calendar views, check Hide in this Calendar format only to hide selected columns for the current view only. For example, in the One-week Calendar view, if you uncheck End, and then select the Hide columns option, an end-time will not appear for entries when you view the One-week format. However, it will appear in the other Calendar formats.
  5. Under Entire View, make changes to line spacing and display for the entire view.
  6. Click OK. Changes will take effect the next time you open this view.

Show all and untitled columns in your Inbox

About this task

The list of Columns to Display may include Untitled columns. Untitled visible columns display icons that relate to a document and move with their adjacent column. For example, in your Inbox the columns that display icons such as follow-up flags are untitled columns.

To see all of the Untitled columns in the list of columns to customize, you can select Show all. However, selecting or deselecting Show all causes any customizations you may have set for the view to be lost.

If Show all is not selected, the icon column is not listed in the list of columns you can customize, but if you move the Subject column the icon column moves with it.

If Show all is selected, you can move the Untitled columns independently of the titled columns.

Note: To restore the original values in a view, click View > Customize This View and click Defaults.