Keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through and perform tasks in IBM® Notes®.

If you are using a screen reader, you may want to maximize your window so the keyboard shortcut tables in the following topics are completely expanded and accessible.

Note: The following keyboard shortcuts are based on US standard keyboards.

Click any of the following links for a table of shortcuts:

Extended accelerators

Notes® uses extended accelerators for the Open button, sidebar, and action buttons. Press and hold down the Alt key to use the extended accelerators.

If extended accelerators are disabled, click File > Preferences (Macintosh OS X users: Click Notes > Preferences), click Basic Notes Client Configuration, and then select Show extended accelerators under Additional options.

Notes menus

A way to find keyboard shortcuts is to refer to the menus in Notes®. Most keyboard shortcuts are displayed with the menu items, or the letter of the keyboard shortcut is underlined.