Keyboard shortcuts for the Macintosh

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through and perform tasks in IBM® Notes®.

If you are using a screen reader, you may want to maximize your window so the keyboard shortcut tables in the following topics are completely expanded and accessible.

The Macintosh allows you to map function keys (F1-F15) to applications on the Macintosh. To use the function keys that are mapped to specific Notes® functions, such as F9 to refresh a view, you need to press OPTION+the function key. To be able to use the function keys without pressing OPTION first, open the Macintosh Finder, then open the Apple menu and click Control Panels > Keyboard > Function Keys, and then click Use F1 through F15 as Function Keys in the Function Key Settings section.

Note: The following keyboard shortcuts are based on US standard keyboards.

Click any of the following links to see a table of shortcuts:

Another way to find keyboard shortcuts is to refer to the menus in Notes®. Most menu items show the equivalent keyboard shortcut beside the menu item or a shortcut letter underlined.