There are a variety of limitations for Nomad for web browsers. Some limitations are short-term, as the function is possible but has not been implemented yet. Some limitations are long-term and generally involve functions that cannot be implemented in the browser environment or depend on the browser itself to change.

Note: For the Japanese translation of the following limitations, see this article.

Long-term limitations

  • No Safari browser support. HCL Nomad is a multi-threaded application. In browsers, multiple application threads are supported via a SharedArrayBuffer. Safari does not currently support SharedArrayBuffer, therefore HCL Nomad is not supported on Safari. Previously, Safari supported SharedArrayBuffer, but this support was disabled in January 2018 due to Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities and has never been re-enabled.
  • No Mobile browser support. The mobile versions of the browsers are not supported (even those that are mobile but use the desktop User-Agent). Only the desktop versions are supported.
  • Replication and user created local nsf files (for example, File > Application > New) are not supported on Firefox.
    Note: As Offline requires Replication, Offline is not supported on Firefox either.
  • Notes Standard Client features are not included. This code is based on the Notes Basic Client, so Standard features such as Recent Contacts and extensions such as SwiftFile are not available.
  • Notes roaming user capabilities are not supported.
  • The following Java-based applications are not supported:
    • JavaAgents
    • XPages
    • LotusScript 2 Java Bridge (LS2J)
  • Web services design elements are not supported.
  • Dynamic client extensions via native code are not supported. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • The LotusScript LSXLC and LSXODBC extensions.
    • The DXJ name picker implemented for Windows via a DLL.
  • Some LotusScript and Formula commands associated are not supported. In particular, commands associated with Object Linking & Embedding (OLE) are not supported. For more information, see the following topics in the Designer documentation:
  • LotusScript classes NotesHTTPRequest (Patch, SetHeaderField, ResetHeaders and GetResponseHeaders) are not supported.
  • Resources on remote servers (for example, HTTP requests from LotusScript, remote images in MIME emails, etc.) will not load if the server serving that resource is not Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) aware and does not return the expected Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in the response. This is a restriction enforced by the browser. If the remote server is a Domino HTTP server, see Configuring cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) in the Domino documentation.
  • "Forward as attachments" is not currently supported as a mail file action.
  • Change Password for the Notes ID is not supported because Nomad's ID files are protected with Notes Shared Login (NSLv3) and do not have a password to change. Therefore, any server-based password policies regarding password change requirements and password checking are not applicable. For pre-12.0.2 Domino servers, administrators should disable the server-based password checking feature for Nomad users and consider use of server-based public key checking as an alternative. For more information, see Using Notes® Shared Login to suppress password prompts.
  • Copy/paste with the OS clipboard with Firefox - Only plain text can be copied to the OS clipboard and nothing from the OS clipboard can be pasted into Nomad. This is a Firefox-specific restriction because JavaScript code does not allow access to the OS clipboard from the web page.
  • Recent Applications and Workspace not remembered on data reset or across browsers - If you have to start over by clearing the browser cache, you will lose any of your Recent Applications or Workspace changes. Similarly, each browser is independent from each other, so any changes in Recent Application or Workspace in one browser will not be reflected in other browsers. One workaround for this is to create a draft mail with doc links to the databases or documents that you care about most to rebuild the Recent Applications and Workspace links as necessary.
  • Keyboard accelerators/shortcuts - in certain cases, some are handled by the browser instead of Nomad.
  • Google Chrome on MacBooks running MacOS Big Sur with hardware acceleration enabled may cause Nomad to display with odd colors and graphics. While this isn't an issue with Nomad itself, disabling the System > Use hardware acceleration when available setting in Chrome may work around the issue.

Short-term limitations

  • Restyle is available initially only in English; therefore, the browser language must be set to English for Restyle to appear.
  • All Domino policies are supported. Setup policy settings are applied during first installation and setup of HCL Nomad, while Dynamic Client Configuration runs second launch onwards. Changes made to policy settings would be applied on the next launch and not immediately. In addition, not all policy settings have been fully tested.
  • Scheduled replication can be enabled and disabled, but the schedule cannot be edited using Nomad.
  • LotusScript class NotesRichTextItem methods, Converttohtml, and GetHTMLreferences are not supported and generate errors if used.
  • NotesDominoQuery is not supported.
  • Document Printing Support.
    • View printing is not supported.
    • There is a limitation on the maximum number of pages and it is based on the browser and platform combination.
    • Pagination is handled by the browser. Images or text may be split across pages.
    • Print must be accessed using Nomad's menu or shortcut. The browser's Print functionality is not supported.
  • Archiving is not supported.
  • Spell checking is not supported.
  • UI controls that are missing - notifications (new mail, alarms, etc.) and information boxes (Application Properties, Document Properties, Workspace Properties, etc.). In many places, control (right) click menus to access these controls are removed.
  • Grid Style property for views: Dashed, Dots, or Dashes and Dots grid styles are not currently supported and grids will be rendered with Solid style.
  • Limited font renderings. Three fonts are included (one font each for Monospace, Sans and Sans-Serif typefaces). All other fonts are mapped to these three fonts for rendering purposes.
  • Drag and drop support is limited to dragging mails between folders when using Chrome or Edge.
  • File > Import only supports a subset of formats. Unsupported formats are still listed in the file picker dialog. Trying an unsupported format results in errors (for example, Error converting import file. File cannot be imported.).
  • File > Export only supports a subset of formats. Unsupported formats have been removed from the file picker dialog.
  • Attachments are download only - There are no attachment viewers. You can save an attachment to the local file system and then use any OS application to view them.
  • Attaching files is not supported in Firefox, as Firefox does not support the file attachment API that Nomad utilizes in other browsers.
  • Copy/paste with the OS clipboard with Chrome and Edge:
    • If both text and an image are copied in Nomad, the OS clipboard separates the text from the image and paste appears to prefer the image over the text resulting in only the image being pasted.
    • If a document has multiple images, copying each image puts the same image on the OS clipboard, causing the paste to not always match what was copied. For example, if a document has three images, pasting may always be the second image no matter which of the three images was copied by the user.
  • Signature add-on to Rich Text Field is not supported.