Using attachments

You can attach one or more files to a document, and you can save attachments that are sent to you in messages.

About this task

Table 1 describes the ways you can work with file attachments in iNotes mail.

Table 1. Tasks for using attachments
Task Description
Add an attachment
  1. Click Attachments in the document.
  2. Click Select files to attach icon.
  3. Browse to select one or more files to attach.
Save an attachment locally Select a file and then do one of these:
  • To save the file locally, click Download file icon and specify where to save the file.
(Google Chrome only) Save attachments by using drag and drop. Drag the attachment from the email to your desktop or a directory folder.

What to do next

If you cannot attach a file to a document, you may need to contact your administrator.
  • If your web browser hangs when you try to attach a file, your administrator may have set a maximum file size limit on attachments. If this happens frequently, ask your administrator for the maximum attachment size.
  • In Microsoft™ Internet Explorer, if you cannot add attachments, see your administrator. You may need to install Browser Cache Management. To do this, open your preferences and click Logout. If that does not solve your problem, there may be other restrictions.