Customizing your client

You can customize your web client in several ways.

Table 1. Tasks for customizing the web client
Task Description
Mail messages you create are automatically saved, so that you don't lose your drafts, or changes you make to them, if you forget to save them, or if something happens to your workstation (for example, a crash or power outage). Click Preferences > Basics > Auto-save to disable the feature.
Start typing in a view to bring up a search dialog box. Click Preferences > Basics > Keystrokes within view display Starts With dialog box.
Organize calendar, contact, and to-do entries by tagging each entry with a specific category. If your mail file is synced with an HCL NotesĀ® mail file, then you can view your entries organized by category.
  1. Open a new or existing calendar, contact, or to-do entry.
  2. Select a category or type a new category in the Categories field.
Note: Click More > Preferences to edit your list of categories in the Personal categories section on the Basics panel.
Change the spell check dictionary temporarily for a single use, or change the default dictionary that you use for all your work.
Note: You cannot change spelling dictionaries when you are working offline. When offline, your spelling dictionary is set by the default language selected on the server.
  • To temporarily change the spell check dictionary: Click Spell check dictionary icon in the toolbar before the main text entry area of the document you are editing, and select a language dictionary.
  • To change the dictionary you use all of the time: Click Preferences > Basics, and then select a new Spell Check Default Dictionary.
Use notebook pages to store private documents that you don't want to share with others, such as journal entries, meeting notes, or as a place to store draft documents. To open your notebook, click Notebook icon in the client banner, and use the menus to create, edit, and delete notebook pages.
Note: You can synchronize your notebook with the one in Notes. From Notes, click Actions > HCL iNotes > Synchronize Notebook
Additionally, you can customize the Home Page to show any combination of your mail inbox, today's schedule, your recent to do tasks, a favorite Web page, or quick links.
Note: Your administrator may have set Home Page options for you. If you cannot customize your Home Page, see your administrator.
  1. On the Home Page, click Edit Layout.
  2. Select a page layout.
  3. Select the panel contents for each window, for all layouts other than the default view.